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TUNAP Research and Development

We Create Tailor-made Quality Solutions.

With Creativity. With Responsibility. With Passion.

With Five Decades of Experience.

With Sustained Success.

TUNAP: Your Partner with Development Perspectives

Our lab is the main guarantor of our capabilities. We use state-of-the-art development and testing to safeguard the best possible quality for our clients. Our team of 25 specialists can develop future solutions for you in highly modern labs 500 sqm in size.

If you rely on TUNAP you benefit from

  • intensive analysis of extant materials, system agents and processes.
  • Patents that are industry leaders
  • Know-how and technical expertise garnered over many years
  • Consistent investment in state-of-the-art technology
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TUNAP has the Solution

As the technological market leader in the sections Technics and Cosmetics TUNAP offers development, production and sales from one source.

With innovations and reliable products from our R&D and production and with our comprehensive international direct sales organisation TUNAP is successful and indispensable partner of several industries. More than 30,000 customers are using TUNAP products and systems.

In 18 international markets in Europe, America and Asia TUNAP is represented by its own subsidiaries – in sum with more than 800 employees.

As a very successful medium sized company with high equity capital ratio TUNAP recorded a sustained above-average growth. Sales in the last year amounted to 240 million Euros.

Research & Development - Technics

Technical Aerosols / Agents
Products for the care and maintenance of machines and vehicles
Hygiene / Care
For household, industry, vehicles, air conditioning systems
Specialties and standard qualities for parts cleaning
Special applications such as extreme temperature, extreme pressure and greases / pastes for special industries
Synthetic oils, special applications for food contact, biodegradable, high temperature
Aftermarket, especially in the area of fuel / engine systems (Automotive) as well as special products

Professionalism and Precision: Excerpt from the TUNAP Laboratory Equipment


SRV (oscillating friction and wear) test device for determining the wear behavior of lubricants according to DIN 51834.

Range of laboratory Equipment for tribological Tests and Measurements

  • Four-ball apparatus for determining characteristics of high loads
  • Thermogravimetric analysis for the determination of oxidation
  • Oscillating friction and wear tester
  • Rheometer for determining deformation and flow behavior

Laboratory Equipment for Fuel Products

  • Injector test
  • CFPP Test (Winter Diesel)

Laboratory Equipment for aqueous Products

  • Conductivity meter for aqueous aerosols
  • pH meter
  • Tensiometer for determining dynamic surface tension

Laboratory Equipment for cosmetic Products

  • Corneometer - for measuring skin surface hydration
  • Combing test
  • pH-Meter
  • Curl retention
  • Sebumeter for measuring sebum secretion of the skin
  • Mexameter for measuring pigments and redness
  • Strength test

Range of laboratory Equipment for general Tests and Measurements

  • Halogen dryer for determining evaporation residues
  • Karl Fischer titration for determining water content
  • Particle size meter
  • Flash point meter

Basic Equipment for aerosol Laboratory

  • Different propellants
  • Riser length measuring device
  • Pressure gauge
  • Clinch value meter
  • Laboratory aerosol filling
  • Spray heads