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TUNAP Electric Line

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Electric Program

TUNAP Electric Contact Service

Standard mineral oils and greases are not suited to dealing with electrical plug-in connections.

TUNAP Professional Electric Products are what you need to care for electronic component contacts. They care for, protect and create the lubricating film which is not electrically conductive. They protect against damp and reliably prevent corrosion.

Steady Mobility

Europe's largest automobile club, the ADAC, has confirmed that the main causes of breakdowns are electrical.

Use our Electric Contact Service to prevent this happening and thus save your customers unnecessary expense and loss of mobility.

TUNAP keeps your customers mobile!

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Ready for the E-Mobility Generation

TUNAP's Professional Electric Line meets the high standards set for the latest electrically powered vehicles.

Safety and a long service life are safeguarded as the products are suited to use with high voltage equipment.


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Electronic Spray
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