New gold-colored motor oil poured into a car engine

TUNAP Oil System

Protection Against Expensive Engine Breakdowns

Computer animated crancshaft and pistons with new engine oil


Oil sludge and dirt particles left in the engine after draining oil contaminate new engine oil.

  • For oil sludge deposits
  • For loss of piston ring compression
  • For hydraulic tappet rattling

TUNAP Oil System Solution

TUNAP Microflex® technology reliably dissolves dirt and sludge residue when changing oil. It is one of the efficacious and client-friendly TUNAP oil system solutions.

  • Formula free of VOC (solvent)
  • Contains no chlorine
  • Contains no phosphates
  • Contains no nitrates
  • Contains no heavy metals

Disposal is automatic together with the old oil.

Oil System Cleaning - Comparison


microflex® 957
Engine Interior Cleaner