Computer animated probe approaching a valve of a car engine

Valve Cleaning

Valve Clean Technology

Valve Cleaning Using Valve Clean Technology

The TUNAP System is easy to use and quickly solves the problem without complex disassembly being needed. The microflex® 933 Valve Cleaning Granulate removes all deposits and contamination of valves using compressed air and causes no damage. Used granulate is simultaneously vacuumed off together with the dirt removed.

microflex® 936 neutralisation solution dissolves residual granulate particles and prevents them getting into the combustion chamber.

  • cleans rapidly, effectively and gently without complex disassembly being needed
  • The product is not abrasive
  • 70% quicker and £2,000.- cheaper for the end client
  • Does not damage health or contain any allergens
  • Effective cleaning result with reduced risk of damage to the engine

Valve Cleaning - Comparison

Loss of performance, increased fuel consumption and rough idling are symptoms of valve deposits and contamination. The cause is a combination of exhaust gas recirculation and crankcase ventilation and lack of the physical flushing effect of fuel in direct injection systems.
Unfavourable driving habits such as frequent short trips and stop and go traffic together with increasing bio-ingredients in fuel worsen matters.
Quick cleaning instead of hours of disassembly work: the new TUNAP Valve Clean System efficiently removes valve deposits and saves motorists four figure sums.


microflex® 933
Valve Cleaning Granulate
microflex® 936
Neutralisation Solution