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Exhaust and Air Intake System Cleaners

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Cleaning Instead of Replacing

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Fair Value and Clever Contamination Solutions

The new TUNAP XGel cleaning technology quickly deals with carboniferous contamination. Sustainable, economical and without any wait for new parts.

  • Optimal cleaning agent for smaller components such as EGR valves
  • Very good surface coverage with visualiser
  • Optimal efficacy time
  • Excellent drain characteristics
  • Direct comparison of EGR system cleaning agents.


Falling performance, rough idling and worsening emissions lead to unplanned garage visits. The cause is often contamination or stuck EGR valves and coked components in the exhaust and intake systems.
XGel Technology
The unique XGel technology quickly dissolves contamination containing carbons. The outstanding surface adhesion and wetting characteristics ensure the time needed for the product to become effective is very brief and dirt removal is extremely good. Optimal for use in cleaning carbonaceous deposits on components in the exhaust and intake systems.
The new XGel cleaning technology solves the problem sustainably, economically and without waiting for new parts.


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EGR System Cleaner
microflex® 926
Carbon Remover