Professional 121 Synthetic Adhesive Spray

Professional 121 Synthetic Adhesive Spray

Multifunctional, free-flowing high-performance lubricant with adhesive quality. The pressure-resistant lubricating film protects against wear and corrosion. The lubricating film does not spin off, even on turning or rotating parts.


  • Excellent adhesive effect ensures resistance to external influences
  • Good creep effect for penetrating into difficult to reach areas
  • Lubrication reliability thanks to anti-wear additives
  • Resistant to high pressures and temperatures
  • Resistant to spray and sea water
  • Very good cushioning properties
  • Silicone, resin and acid-free
121 Application

Application Area

  • For the repair of spring struts, stabilisers, bell cranks, swivel hub locking devices, gear, clutch and brake linkages
  • Corrosion protection for brake and fuel lines
  • Moving metallic parts like joints, hinges, sliding parts, strikers, locking cylinders, locks, slide rails
  • Lubrication of door hinges and rebound straps