Professional 113 Ceramic Brake and Maintenance Paste

Professional 113 Ceramic Brake and Maintenance Paste

Metal-free inspection and repair special lubricant for the entire brake, chassis and bodywork areas. High pressureand temperature resistance from -40°C to +1,250°C. Prevents contact corrosion. Long retention on the lubrication point thanks to good resistance to splash water and salt water.


  • Clean application using the ergonomic brush
  • Immediate load-bearing capacity, as solvent-free
  • Effective corrosion protection
  • Very good pressure and temperature resistance
  • Protects against fusing
  • No dripping point
  • Resistant against external influences such as water spray and salt water

Application Area

  • For squeaking brakes, apply to the rear of the brake pad
  • For the light alloy wheel rim to wheel hub connection point
  • For repairs on disc and drum brakes
  • As an assembly paste for screwed connections subject to high temperatures, e.g. on exhaust systems