Professional 104 Interior Plus

Professional 104 Interior Plus

Cockpit protection and seatbelt care. Fully synthetic surface care with highly lubricating microfilm. Has an anti-static effect with UV protection even on plastic and rubber. The glide particles create smooth surfaces and also make seatbelts move smoothly again. Silk-matt effect without greasy, adhesive or glossy residues.


  • Reduces friction with grease-free and silk-matt anti-slip protection
  • Cleans and effectively slows down absorption of new dirt and dust
  • Prevents the greying and discolouration of plastics with UV protection
  • Regenerates stressed plastics
  • Compatible with all common plastic materials
  • Does not leave behind any spots on textiles (observe spray distance)

Application Area

  • Care of plastic parts in the cockpit
  • Care of seat belts
  • For noises, particularly in the vehicle interior (squeaking, cracking and creaking noises)
  • Stiff window guides