Professional 102 Synthetic Active Maintenance Oil

Professional 102 Synthetic Active Maintenance Oil

Universal multifunction spray for five applications: Lubricant, rust-removing, cleaning, corrosion-protection and contact spray.


  • Very good lubricating properties
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Protects against moisture and corrosion
  • Very good creep properties for fast loosening
  • Improves electrical conductivity and eliminates leakage currents
  • High cleaning performance, penetrates dirt, grease and oil residues
  • Free of resin, acid and silicone

Application Area

  • Long-term lubrication for precision parts
  • Lubricates door locks, locking cylinders, locks, hinges, bushes, chains
  • Stops squeaking and creaking and lubricates everything that is seized or jammed
  • Cleans and maintains plastic and metal parts
  • Loosens rusted bolts, screws, nuts and joints
  • Prevents corrosion on metals and electrical assemblies
  • Penetrates and displaces moisture in areas of electrical and electronic systems