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Stock code MP 13400500 AB



Diesel Injector Cleaner

Active cleanser fuel for electronically and mechanically controlled injector nozzles. The synergy effect of injector nozzle and injector jet is fully achieved for low carbon particle reducing combustion.


  •    Instantly cleaned injector system

  •    Precise and fine diesel fuel atomisation

  •    Prevents knocking and uneven idling

  •    Reduces smoke emission, especially at full loading

  •    Restores full engine performance

  • When to Use:

  •    Prior to all adjustments and emission monitoring (carbon particles)

  •    With all diesel injector system repairs

  •    In the event of reduced engine performance

  •    For high carbon emission

  •    With every service

  • Method of Use:
    The cleansing process takes place via the VVD adapter by filling the filter or via the tank. Start engine and run at different revolution levels until the diesel spray cleaner is empty (max, 2000 rpm). One 500ml can is sufficient for engine capacities of up to 3 litres.

    Special Instructions:

    Cleaning via tank:

  •    Optimal for cleaning is a tank capacity of approx. 10 litres

  •    Fill the entire can capacity into the tank

  •    Carry out a road test (if possible 30 km motorway) Cleaning via filter:

  •    Always renew filter!

  •    Fill filter housing completely with TUNAP Diesel Injector Cleaner 134 and ventilate.

  •    Run to clean for approx. 10 mins at varying revs up to 2000 rpm max.