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microflex 926 EGR VALVE CLEANER

Stock code MF92622250W


microflex®  926 EGR Valve Cleaner

The innovative XFoam-technology detaches persistent contamination in the exhaust and/or air intake system. Because of significant wetting property, there is a short application time. Extremely good detachment of pollution and excellent flow behaviour. Perfect to clean smaller parts, e.g. EGR valves.

(Reactive Organic Amines Technology):

 Powerful cleaning formula.
 New ingredient complex of ultra reactive organic compounds.


  • 5 times the volume 
  • extremely good surface wetting
  • optimal application time
  • excellent flow behaviour 


  • excellent cleaning efficiency with carbonaceous residue 
  • no solvents
  • non flammable 

Operating Range

  • Perfect to clean smaller parts, e.g. EGR valves.