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Stock code 03 345030AB


Range of Application:

⌂       Cylinder head gaskets

⌂       Hose connections

⌂       Heater core vaporisation losses, heater valves, radiators and supplementary coolers



Add directly to the cooling system with the engine warm. The product must not be added to the overflow tank. Add to expansion tanks if tank is fed with circulating coolant. Next allow the engine to run for at least 10 mins until the thermostat opens and the heating system is giving out perceptible warmth. Then switch engine off, check coolant level again and top up if necessary.


Special Note:

TUNAP High Tech Cooling System Security is fully compatible with conventional coolant fluids. Also suitable for sealed cooling systems. Sufficient for 10 litres of coolant. In the event of a dirty cooling system it is essential to clean the system using TUNAP 343 radiator cleaner and then refill with antifreeze or coolant.