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Stock code MP 14300500AB


micrologic® PREMIUM143

Radiator cleaner

Cleans the cooling and heating system/s
Dissolves and binds oily and greasy residue
Infiltrates and removes sludge and corrosion deposits
Neutralises lime scale and deposits

Area of application:
Remedies reduced cooling performance when repairing a radiator
Gets rid of deposits in the cooling system
For use when replacing coolant
For cleaning purposes after engine repairs (oil in the cooling system)
A clean cooling system makes for improved operating and function reliability
Improves cooling performance up to the standard of a new vehicle
Protects new coolant against contamination from old coolant

Application :
Drain hot cooling water. Fill the cooling system with fresh water and add MP 143 radiator cleaner.

Set the heater controls to Warm.

Bring the engine up to operating temperature and let it run for about 30 minutes. 

Drain used cleaning fluid and flush with clean water. Refill antifreeze and water mixture.
Do not store under temperatures below 0 C. After cleaning the cooling system refill it, vent it and check it doesn’t leak. Sufficient for 10 litres of cooling water