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aircon logic® 582

Stock code 12 58200050ABV-6


aircon logic® 582
System substance 5-in-1

Innovative 5-in-1 system substance for protecting and testing the air conditioner’s coolant system.

 Reduces friction and ensures constant system performance.
 Minimises wear-and-tear in the coolant compressor.
 Protects PAG oil against oxidation.
 Special fluorescent substance enables fast discovery of leaks.
 Refreshes O-rings and seals, protecting against micro leaks.

Areas of application:
 During inspections and air conditioner checks.
 Recommended for all air conditioners (R134A).
 Compatible with all PAG oils.
 For fast discovery of leaks in air conditioners.
 Preventative use during all inspections.

Start vehicle, switch air conditioner on at full power, attach spray head with adapter pipe to the can. Attach to the low-pressure service connection of the air conditioner. Spray into the system until can is empty.
Service Information SI 582 Warning.

Important note: Product contains no thickening particles or substances which harden in water. Use no more than once